This is a brief overview of the Advantages of Architectural Precast Concrete from Plasticrete, which has manufactured precast for commercial and industrial projects primarily in New England and New York areas for over 50 years. Plasticrete's new precast manufacturing facility (Rex Precast Systems) is a certified member of the Architectural Precast Association (APA) and it's exacting standards.

Architectural Precast Concrete is an extremely refined concrete building product known for it's structural performance, durability, aesthetic quality, versatility of design, economy and availability. Architectural Precast Concrete is made up od Portland white or grey cement, or a blend of both cements, and a combination of accurately grated crushed white limestone and/or natural stone and concrete sand. Blending grey and white cements and color pigments can yield a variety of different colors. The cement, aggregates,water, pigments and additives are exactly proportioned, by computer, into the mixer to produce a concrete that will test in compression from 5,000 lb.per square inch and up to 8,500 lb. per square inch minimum, depending on the mix design, when tested according to ASTM C-39-94. A 6% water absorption and as low as 3% can be achieved , depending on the mix design, when tested in accordance toASTM C-642.

Architectural Precast Concrete is a "wet cast"system which has many advantaged over the "vibrant dry tamp" cast stone system. Design versatility is a major consideration when choosing between "wet cast" and "vibrant dry tamp" systems. Structural engineered precast elements such as columns, arches, lintels, and large panels can be produced by Architectural Precast Concrete but are not available in the "vibrant dry tamp" cast stone system. "Wet casting" allows for intragal structural reinforcing and cast-in connection inserts to be easily placed into the precast elements for connecting precast to the building structure.None of the above can be accomplished with the "vibrant dry tamp" cast stone system. Non-structural items include:
coping, sills, banding, watertable, door and window surrounds, along with pavers, stair treads, curbing and ornamental items are also well suited to Architectural Precast Concrete.

Architectural Precast Concrete can be finished to simulate natural cut stone such as limestone and brownstone. In addition, Architectural Precast Concrete can have many other finishes such as exposed aggregates, stone and brick facings as well as the use of form liners to produce many different textures. We have an Unlimited color selection available and we can match just about any existing stone or precast on renovation projects.

Architectural Precast Concrete can produce precise details and tolerances due to the plasticity of the wet concrete. Unlike the "vibrant dry tamp" system, Architectural Precast Concrete is allowed to cure to 65% of it's final strength before it's removed from the mold. This allows for strong edges and details. Plasticrete incorporates precision crafted rigid steel and/or wood molds in the fabrication of it's Architectural Precast Concrete. On Occasion rubber and fiberglass molds are also used. Curing is by radiant heat and moisture.

Plasticrete's Architectural Precast Concrete when tested, will meet the requirements of the following applicable specifications listed below.

ASTM C150 -Standard Specification for PORTLAND CEMENT

ASTM C33 -Standard Specification for CONCRETE AGGREGATES




ASTM A775 -Standard Specification for EPOXY COATED REINFORCEMENT

Architectural Precast Concrete uses air-entraining admixtures for the purpose of providing semi-microscopic bubbles of air in the concrete during mixing to improve the durability of the concrete to all exposures, particularly cyclical freezing and thawing in the presence of moisture. It has also shown remarkable ability to resist the action of frost, de icing as well as sulfate, sea and alkaline waters. The precast units will have an air content of no more than 6% and no less than 4% when tested in accordance with ASTM C-231.

Plasticrete's Architectural Precast Concrete provides beauty, quality, permanency and cost efficiency.

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