Plasticrete produces high quality, hand finished custom architectural precast elements such as sills, coping, band course, quoins, columns and capitals, panels, finials, signs and medallions. Plasticrete precast is typically manufactured for decorative use on new and rehab commercial and residential buildings per an architect’s plans and specifications, but the product can also be engineered for structural applications.

In-house estimating, CAD detailing, color matching and trucking capabilities help keep jobs running smoothly from estimating through to jobsite delivery. Plasticrete is a longstanding member of the Architectural Precast Association (APA).

REX Precast Systems is a Conn. D.O.T. approved producer of a complete line of D.O.T. spec and commercial grade catch basins as well as the patented Precast Sewer Chimney, precast curbing, parking lot bumpers and surveyor’s monuments.

Rex has recently been added to Northeast Utilities’ approved list for concrete handholes and utility pads. Also new to the product line is the Rex Yard Drain, the most versatile light duty concrete yard drain on the market. The new yard drain features ultra-thin reinforced walls with extra large knockouts on all sides for greater flexibility in the field.

Other related concrete products from Rex include: precast manholes, catch basin and manhole block and brick, reinforced concrete pipe, precast benches and tables, grade rings and a Keystone compatible step system.

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